If you are in the market for any type of construction related work, I would venture to say that Honesty and Integrity are at the top of your list when deciding whom to hire.  My wife and I can without hesitation say that Boni Armijo is that person.  I have been in the building industry for over 35 years, and Boni embodies all the things that make a stressful building project run as smooth as possible.  He is a problem solver from inception to completion, working with you closely on design ideas and value engineering.   Boni has worked with us on many projects over the past 12 years ranging from a complete renovation of our main home in Santa Fe, to an upscale multi-family compound in the heart of Santa Fe, and a lot of projects in between.  Please call me if you would like a more detailed view of this fine builder.
Rick W. Carlton  615-734-9797

I have known Boni Armijo for over 12 years. During that time he has done a number of large and small projects for me on various houses that I own in Santa Fe including my primary Santa Fe residence. I have always found Boni to be a very honest and conscientious contractor who makes certain that he and his subcontractors get the job done right and that you are pleased with the end result. Boni has also always been available for small repair and maintenance jobs and taken care of emergency repair situations on a timely basis. He is a very creative problem solver and I have never considered using another contractor for work on my Santa Fe properties.
Jim Baker

I have built with Boni Armijo for the past 20 years and it has been a completely satisfying experience. Boni is absolutely reliable, direct, and knows the Santa Fe building trade as well as anybody. He is solid, not pretentious, nor misguided by glamour, money or fame. He is a most honorable local builder and I find that a very important aspect when building in Santa Fe and its environment. Building can be stressful,  but Boni is a great support and helper during the process as well as afterwards.  I would highly recommend Boni Armijo, his assistants, and Building Adventure Unlimited.
Bettina Milliken